Participation at Judson does not require membership of any kind. Everyone is welcome to attend and take part as their own spirit moves. If, after a while, it feels like you want to formalize the relationship, we can talk. 



Judson’s common practice is to offer adult baptisms during our annual Weekend retreat. We also offer baby dedications or baptisms (your choice) for those who want this version of the ritual. If you’re interested in learning more about baptism, contact the preachers.



Judson is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, the United Church of Christ, and Alliance of Baptists all leading mainline Protestant denominations and both belonging to the "free-church" tradition of liberal Protestantism that affirms the autonomy of the local church.

But our members encompass a wide variety of religious beliefs. Many members of our community care deeply about particular denominations and are among us. Many others are blissfully unaware of particular denominations at all. We welcome everyone. 



In our free-church tradition, basic operating decisions - like those involving finances, congregational policy and the selection of a senior minister - are made by voting members. Oversight of the affairs of the church is exercised by an elected 12-member Board of Trustees, chaired by an elected Moderator. The key work of Judson is performed by appointed and elected committees and task forces. Currently 69 people serve on the Board and committees combined.



We welcome persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities (including cisgender, transgender, and genderqueer) to participate fully in the life and ministry of the church. We support each and every quest to construct one’s own identity, affirming any and all who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning, polysexual, asexual, pansexual, omnisexual, and straight.

As an "Open and Affirming" UCC and "Welcoming and Affirming" American Baptist church: WELCOME!