We're right on Washington Square. Check the listed address for the event you're attending to find the correct building entrance. Scroll down to get maps and transportation advice. We can't wait to see your gorgeous self!


Our accessible entrance is by way of 243 Thompson St. Use the lift to get to the Meeting Room on Level 3 or our accessible bathrooms on Level B (basement). Return to Level 1 for street access back to the corner of West 4th & Thompson St.  



While we're not the proselytizing kind of church- we do suggest that prayer may be helpful when parking in the Village.


Parking garages can be found on:

  • West 3rd St. between 6th Ave. and MacDougal St.
  • Thompson St. between West 3rd St. and Bleecker St.

Metered parking is most available on:

  • West 4th St. between 6th Ave. and MacDougal St.
  • LaGuardia Plc. between West Fourth and Bleecker St.