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September 22 - October 29

RJ Bartholomew is the Everyman with answers for those questioning Everything. After falling from grace with an agnostic thud, Bartholomew delivers a powerful message, considering the current condition of the world, with a genuine hope for the future, faith in the universe, and an undying love for mankind. With dignity, humor, and grace, I OF THE STORM is the thrilling riches to rags story about achieving success by letting everything go. 



The Gym at Judson cultivates an uncensored environment for professional productions, developing workshop performances, as well as all other artistic endeavors, inviting established and emerging talent to exchange creative energies and encouraging unique interdependent community in the arts.


As many Greenwich Village theaters began closing their doors in the last decade Judson began to consider how its gymnasium space might establish a home to support downtown theater. In 2011 the premiere of Lysistrata Jones laid a foundation for its use as vibrant new performance space in the heart of the Village. Since then countless artists and companies have brought unique visions to life in the flexible and ever-transforming venue. The space has also played a special role for works incubated through Judson Arts Wednesdays as program alumni go on to stage fully-realized productions.