Fill out the basic contact information and include a brief description of your event. At the bottom of the form we provide a list of criteria that make up our non-curatorial platform. Read through the list and look for aspects that may be relevant to your event. Check the box and include a brief description in the provided field. Note that events are not required to meet these criteria in order to receive subsidized space. It does help us track and balance participation, and events with strong criteria are considered first. 

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OPEN AND FREE. Your event is open and free to the public. Visitors are welcome, and no one will be denied entry based on means.
CULTURAL FOOTPRINT. Your event invites international guests, or promotes cultural equity within the facility and neighborhood.
PROVIDING OUTREACH: Your event provides food or material support to those in need. Your event has an educational or public health component. Your event allows for participation by kids, elderly, or marginalized groups.
SAFE SPACE. Your event requires privacy or creates safe space for at risk populations.
COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Your event provides support space for community planning or activism generally related to greenwich village, but may include broader citywide issues such as housing, gentrification, sustainability, and social need.
SANDBOX: Your event incorporates innovative site specific design elements that allows participants to reimagine the facility and architecture. It creates and install environment or allows participants freedom to explore and interact.
NEW ECONOMY: Your event incorporates skill shares, trades volunteer time or service for space, and other imaginative forms of economy.
COLLABORATIVE VISION: Your events partners with other organizations to bridge topics, activities, and populations. We're particularly keen to host collaborations between arts and justice organizations.
PROGRAM ALUMNI: You’ve developed work through a Judson program and you're ready to take it to the next level.
OFF HOURS: Your event is designed to bring life to low traffic time slots.
LOW INPUT/HIGH OUTPUT: Your event requires minimal technical and logistical resources, creates little to no waste, but expects strong attendance, participation, and will have impactful results in arts or activism.
B-ROOM: your event is in conjunction with a local venue or festival and creates an overflow or secondary space with unique character and experience for participants.
URGENT ACTION: Your event is in response to a critical public issue, adverse event, or activating social movement requiring timely action.
FAITH SUPPORT: Your event provides space for inclusive spiritual and religious practice.
SUSTAINABLE USE: Your event engages sustainability efforts and makes inventive use of green or repurposed materials.
EXPANDING PUBLIC SPACE: Your event involves permitted activities in the Washington Square area that invite interaction with the Judson landmark.