For decades, our building has served as a home for experimental, boundary-pushing art. In a city bursting with budding artists, the ever-growing scarcity of open, inviting space is especially disheartening. So Judson continues to pursue our nurturing artistic mission: We offer a haven for creative bursts that may evaporate in a puff of smoke, may send sparks flying, and may explode our comfortable complacency. And we cherish every one of these moments as sacred.

The results are continually astonishing. Artists walk back out of our doors having incubated startling new trajectories in dance, theater, music, and visual arts. Along the way, they irreversibly transform us, our practice, and our commitment to a vibrant future of shared, embodied experience.

Put simply, we don't know how to be a church without artists continually troubling our assumptions and nudging us in new directions.