Judson Support of Clergy Formation

From the Tap on the Shoulder 'Til the Laying on of Hands

Judson's Ordination Committee has an outstanding history of preparing persons for ordained ministry in either the American Baptist denomination or the United Church of Christ.

At the earliest possible moment when a person considers the ministry as his or her vocation the committee meets to explore an appropriate pathway. Each journey has its own uniqueness but the committee assists in processes of development, discernment, and connections with the wider denominational structures. Judson takes this process of supporting the next generation of clergy for its denominations as a serious vocational ministry. A variety of steps and stages is required to complete the process. Currently, the committee is working in concert with 8 people who are pursuing ordained ministry.

The approach varies a bit since in the Baptist tradition it is the congregation that ordains and the area churches which concur and support the process. In the UCC tradition it is the association which ordains in partnership with the recommending congregation.

Committee members are: John Barrett, David Blythe, James Fraser, Martha Gotwals, Mary Meyer, Jenny Selig and
Ed Powers chair. Donna Schaper and Peggy McNamara are ex officio.


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