• MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 55 Washington Square South) (map)


A Night of Celebration, Unity and Love.

Dear Friends,

For almost a century NYC’s ballroom community has been a safe space and place of support and chosen family for queer and trans youth who are in crisis, including homelessness. The evening’s featured Legends from several gay houses have 10 to 20 years’ experience as respected and well-loved leaders in our community. They are role models for younger generations who continue to face family rejection, lack of housing, poor educational opportunities and/or stable employment and ongoing systemic violence. That is why we have partnered with FIERCE, who for these past 19 years has given, LGBTQ young people the tools to build collective power and end oppression, whether youth homelessness, police violence, bullying or the need for and creation of brave spaces for all youth to come out and lead together.

We believe now is the time to stand together and put our best foot forward for our LGBTQ youth.

In love, gratitude and service,

Mustafa Sullivan (Executive Director FIERCE) & Ralph Rucci

Ralph Rucci and FIERCE invite you to join with us in support of this extraordinary and historic event!

2019 will be an important year for LGBTQ communities across New York City to come together to support our beloved youth. On Saturday, May 11, 2019, legendary fashion designer Ralph Rucci and FIERCE (Fabulous Independent Educated Radicals for Community Empowerment) will present L’Hommage...A Night of Celebration, Unity and Love.

American couturier Ralph Rucci will create original pieces for Legends of the ballroom community and fashion runways who will walk proudly in support of our LGBTQ youth. This will be followed by a short vogueing segment and performance and acknowledgment of the Legends by the youth members of FIERCE.

Doors at 55 Washington Square South at 6:00pm.

Event at 7:00pm.

FIERCE is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3). Your fully tax-deductible donation of any amount will help to improve the lives of our LGBTQ young people in lasting ways that support them in reaching their fullest potential.

  • A donation of 250 dollars supports a semester’s worth of school supplies for a young person in high school or college.

  • A donation of 500 dollars can cover the cost of weekly healthy meals for our active membership of 30 youth.

  • A donation of 1,000 dollars covers the cost of 100 two trip Metrocards we give to help our members get around the city.

  • A donation of 5,000 dollars can pay for the costs for three interns in our Education for Liberation and Power Project