• GARDEN ROOM (ENTER by way of 239 Thompson Street) (map)

This is the inaugural session of the new meditation and discussion-based racial affinity group Healing and Accountability by Dismantling Whiteness (HADW), a space dedicated to supporting and organizing white people in undoing both internalized and systemic whiteness.

At this first meeting, participants will discuss questions of how to foster supportive and accountable practices within the group, as well as how to center racial justice in the work of healing. We will also develop ground rules for cultivating a brave space to ensure efforts to challenge ignorance with compassion, address racial trauma as one of the many roots of racism, and organize for antiracist action can take place without perpetuating harmful behaviors and systems.

While the conversation aims to support and organize white people in dismantling whiteness, and responds to calls for white people to hold one another accountable and do the work of supporting one another’s healing, this group is open to everyone regardless of race.

Doors at 12:30pm.

Food will be provided.