• MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 55 Washington Square South) (map)

MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 55 Washington Square South)

Picture the Homeless, NYC's only homeless-led organizing group, is launching a campaign to push for more public toilets on the streets of NYC. Homeless New Yorkers receive a disproportionate amount of public urination citations because of this glaring need. This event will bring together members of PTH, faith community leaders, and scholars who study public toilets for a facilitated discussion of the history, geography, and social meaning attached to NYC's public toilets.

Following up on PTH's launch of the campaign (taking place August 28), the workshop is designed to help bring more awareness to this crucial issue while de-stigmatizing the need to use the bathroom. And for homeless people, a little thing like needing to go to the bathroom can cause big problems. Buying a four dollar coffee to use a bathroom in a cafe is not always an option. Many homeless people have had medical emergencies or police interactions as a result. Homeless people experience urinary tract issues and related health problems at a rate 300% higher than the general population, and many suffer from extreme dehydration because they never drink water to minimize trips to the bathroom. Finally, this workshop will build innovative collaborations between scholars, activists, and clergy in order to create a praxis that highlights the depth and breadth of our campaign.