• ASSEMBLY HALL (ENTER by way of 239 Thompson Street) (map)

ASSEMBLY HALL (ENTER by way of 239 Thompson Street)

We -- along with Partnership for the Homeless and Picture the Homeless -- have been working to build a union of people impacted by homelessness that transcends any organizational ties and is really a movement led by and for homeless NYers. This the space we've been creating, and we're building towards creating a mission statement, platform, and other plans.

Open and free: our space is open and safe to anyone who wants to fight to end homelessness (or for those who want to learn about the homelessness crisis).

Providing outreach: we often pass out know-your-rights information on issues of housing discrimination, we've worked on a campaign to bring overdose reversal medication to shelters, etc.

Safe space: we always lay out ground rules of requirements we have to be in the homeless union space. We also define what our group is: a group fighting for ALL people impacted by homelessness (young, elderly, drug users, people impacted by the crim justice system, immigrants, lgbt community, etc)

Community support: we are an group of activists working on city-wide, and state-wide homelessness (greenwich village included!)

Collaborative vision: we are working to activate other service provider organizations to help get the word out about the homeless union. We've had many organizations represented at HU meetings, many coming from syringe exchange programs.

low input/high output: Our meetings are discussion based. We use minimal supplies (printed agendas, butcher board paper, etc).

urgent action: 60k people are living in shelters across the city, and thousands more are living on the streets, in three-quarter houses, and doubled or tripled up in apartments. This is an emergency!

Faith support: we have built close allies with the faith community as we work on the issue of homelessness.