• ASSEMBLY HALL (ENTER by way of 239 Thompson Street) (map)

ASSEMBLY HALL (ENTER by way of 239 Thompson Street)

by James Presson`
Directed by Sash Bischoff
Starring Olivia Macklin, Rachel B Joyce, Alex Mickiewicz, Kyle Vincent Terry, Kristian Espiritu, and RJ Vaillancourt

Lana lives in The City and has it all figured out: she’s working at an upscale photography agency and living the high life in Chelsea with wild friends and stylish lovers. But the limousine comes screeching to a halt upon the arrival of her sister with whom she has not spoken in ten years. Mary, a practicing Mennonite with wholesome Midwestern charm, embodies everything Lana has tried to leave behind. And it gets worse: within weeks, Mary has shed her bonnet and become the life of the party. As Lana’s stranglehold on “Cool” slips away from her, she becomes consumed with burning curiosity: Who the hell is this girl?