• MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 55 Washington Square South) (map)

MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 55 Washington Square South)



Feminist  Reunion 2017
We Won't Go Back!

Join a celebration of Second Wave Feminism with leaders of the women’s movement from the 1970s. These are the women who worked on the ERA, abortion rights, equal pay, ending violence against women, lesbian rights and so much more. We will never go back, as much as adversaries of women’s rights may try. Women’s place is everywhere.

Speak out at open mike. Refreshments.
Slide show of historic photos with music from the women’s movement
Free DVD for ticket holders!

Guests include the following feminists who changed America:

  • Heather Booth, noted national organizer for women’s rights and social change

  • Susan Brownmiller, author, Against Our Will

  • Phyllis Chesler, feminist author and activist

  • Carole DeSaram, activist who shut down the American Stock Exchange

  • Muriel Fox, a founder of National Organization for Women

  • Merle Hoffman, founder, Choices Women’s Medical Center and pro-choice activist

  • Kate Millett, author, Sexual Politics

  • Judy Norsigian and Joan Ditzion, founders of Our Bodies,

And many more!