• MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 55 Washington Square South) (map)

MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 55 Washington Square South)

Buddha: Space and Wisdom. Vajra: Water and Intellect. Ratna: Earth and Richness. Padma: Fire and Art. Karma: Wind and Activity. 
Mandala II is the second in a series of multidimensional workshops/improvisations whose goal is the transformation of neuroses into wisdom. The basis of the exploration is the five buddha families, an energetic map of outer and inner systems passed down through Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. As a collective, we will employ specific forms, sounds, and colors to create a live mandala, altering space with an immersive artistic ritual to enact an offering of individual and collective transformation. Artists, dancers, musicians, and the general public will be welcome to participate in this act of co-creation, meditation, and manifestation through movement, music, projection-mapping, installation, sound design, and storytelling.