• MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 243 Thompson Street) (map)

MEETING ROOM (ENTER by way of 243 Thompson Street)

Free and open to the public. Whoever wishes to accompany us for a period in the morning or for the vigil.  Anyone can bring an offering or photograph of a loved one. 


A Brief Synopsis of the Danza de Concheros Azteca annual ceremonies.

The sacred calendar of the Aztec Dance Atl Tlachinolli  of the Virgen de Guadalupe follows a calendar based on what is popularly known as The Four Winds.  That is, the four cardinal points, or the four principal elements, or the four points of the ancient cross would be a simplified explanation. It also follows an agricultural calendar in Mexico, for example, the preparation of the land for the arrival of the rainy season, laying the first seed, cultivating the crop, the harvest and so on. These are ceremonies that seek to be atuned with the forces of nature and all of Creation. 
We also honor the Day of the Dead, as well as the Anniversary of the community itself, this year celebrating its 10th year of existence. This community therefore celebrates bringing to life on this side of the border a tradition that goes as far back as the first immigrants to this continent – several thousand years!
Each calendar ceremony is a time of renewal, of initiating new cycles within larger cycles.  The all night vigils are a form of sacrifice, of overcoming fatigue, or of setting aside our personal afflictions for something greater than ourselves – the Divine in its infinite manifestations.  
The Solar ritual – the Dance that comes after the all night ceremony of song and offering, is the culmination ; the light of a new day that has overcome darkness. The combination of the two, Vigil and Dance complete the circle.