• ASSEMBLY HALL (ENTER by way of 239 Thompson Street) (map)

ASSEMBLY HALL (ENTER by way of 239 Thompson Street)

The meetings are free and open to the public. They all have an educational component, seeking to provide an understanding of the various forms of political and economic oppression and promote unity across races, ethnicities, immigration statuses. We are active in Greenwich Village, regularly campaigning among residents and students, and provide a forum for organizing the struggle for social equality. We are a social justice organization that takes serious artistic and cultural questions, and seeks to engage the artistic community. The film screening will put particular emphasis on this. We also build on an existing network of supporters which enables us to have a significant attendance and impact with minimal additional technical and logistical resources. Finally the urgency increases seemingly every day with new attacks by the Trump administration on one or another segment of the population - we can't wait to organize effective opposition.