• GARDEN ROOM (enter by way of 239 Thompson Street) (map)

GARDEN ROOM (enter by way of 239 Thompson Street)

The New Sanctuary Immigration Clinics focus around the idea that YOU ARE YOUR OWN GREATEST DEFENDER. 

As immigrants, we all face deportation in some way. There is a huge community that understands this problem. However, we should not hide our faces in fear from a system that is unjust and unfair. Instead, we should lift our heads and bring our communities together so that we can fight for justice together. 

Our goal is for individuals facing immigration proceedings to plan for and understand your own case. 

At our weekly clinics, you will learn how to take measures at critical moments in your case in four stages:


Remember, we are always here for support, or to answer any questions you might have through this process. However, there is no one who understands your case better than you. You lived through it. You are your own greatest defender.