• MEETING ROOM (Enter by way of 55 Washington Square South) (map)

It's good to have you with us. If you are a first-time visitor please join us for a coffee hour after the service and visit the Welcome Table at the back to fill out a "To Our Visitors" card.

Worship Services

The Sunday worship service is held at 55 Washington Square South and begin at 11:00 a.m., unless otherwise specified. The service is approximately an hour long--sometimes a bit more. After the church service, there will be a welcoming table at the back of the church where new people (and any others) are invited to meet members of the Congregational Life Committee and to ask any questions or to make suggestions.

Agape Sundays

Judson's "Agape" service is held the first Sunday of each month. The climax of this service is the rite of Communion, and the format is different from that of most Sunday services. The congregation gathers around long tables. Worshipers are invited to bring fruits, breads, and cheeses to share at table along with wine and juice supplied by the Church. Communion is celebrated, sometimes with traditional readings and prayers, sometimes with informal words. All are welcome to participate - the communion table at Judson is open to all.