Spirit of Sustained Sadness:

My faith tradition tells me that wonderful things happen on the third day.
On Day Three, Resurrection overcomes crucifixion,
Life overcomes death,
Community overcomes empire,
Patience overcomes evil.

This is why I’ve tried to be anything but Christian for so long.
I can’t do simple math, when it feels this inauthentic.

I am surrounded by people who have been suffocated by Days One and Two for centuries.
And now, they see my shock in the face of so much hate and say,
“Well, of course you’re shocked.
You’ve been having a ball on Day Three your entire life.
Welcome to Golgotha. This is where the real shit hangs.”

Don’t let me leave Golgotha too soon, because I know I can.
The complacent celebration of Day Three is always available to me, because I’m me.
Leave me on Golgotha until I know how we all get down from it.