Creative Hands of the Universe:

What the fuck?

Let’s review history:
Sometime, millennia ago, some amoeba-like thing started to bump and grind up against some other amoeba-like thing, accidentally, and this fumbling dance gave birth to a tiny group of cells that kept bumping and grinding up against other things until one day, accidentally, human beings were created.

We have been bumping and grinding up against one another and creating ever since, but, somewhere along the way, we learned to be afraid and to hate, and now, we’ve also been fucking up ever since. Universe, you created us and then we peppered our creation with isms and phobias, with fear and hate that do the exact opposite of creation.

Do we deserve to be held? I don’t know.
Do we deserve another chance? I don’t know.
Do we deserve to understand? I don’t know.

All I know is that there is fabulosity flickering under all the bullying bullshit.
And when a friend’s body starts to fight against itself,
When a country’s heart starts to fight against itself,
We fabulous ones create, we fabulous ones continue to bump up against one another, because these are the oldest tools we have. Create and bump.

Creation and bumping existed long before our fear and hate,
But our fear and hate continue to fuck it up.
So, tonight, in the face of it all, like good freaks, we create, we bump and grind,
We raise our glitter flags and make a gorgeous show and make a fumbling dance,
Because that’s what you taught us, Universe.
That’s how you made us: fumbling, freaky, and fabulous.
We fuck it up, but in every strand of our DNA is the amoebic roadmap back to the fundamentals.

Bump and grind us, Universe. We need to remember how to create and how to be re-created.

Let’s dance.