Book Group

The Judson Book Group discusses a book selected by group members on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in a Manhattan apartment. Everyone is welcome!

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Join us in these facilitated conversations to explore definitions of racism and laying the foundation for our learning and work together. Click here to learn more about the Black Lives Matter platform.


Volunteer for coffee hour

The coffee hour right after the church service on Sunday is a longtime Judson tradition. We're always looking for new hosts to grab the baton. 


Volunteer for JAW

We always like new and friendly faces and we spend a lot more time catching up than actually working. The most labor-intensive nights are at BAILOUT (First Wednesdays), where we make a full-on delicious meal. If you like to chop, cook, serve, and wash, we are especially ready for you. Don’t think twice.

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The Silent Treatment

Our Monday night Prayer & Meditation Circle offers a 45-minute-long chance for a small group of Judsonites to pray and focus their attention on the needs of the community within and outside Judson’s walls. Some members of the circle pray, some meditate, and all are interested in creating a quiet vibration of generosity that just might ripple out into the world. To participate, simply show up at 239 Thompson Street at 7pm on any Monday. 


Excess Anonymous 

Excess Anonymous is a tiny covenant group that meets in Rev. Micah Bucey’s office on Monday evenings, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. It feels somewhat like a 12-Step Group and somewhat like a Covenant Group, but it’s really just where a small number of Judsonites process the excesses of modern life and attempt to simplify together. We read from books about environmental issues and spiritual issues and then welcome timed shares and reflections. To participate simply show up at 239 Thompson Street at 5:30pm on any Monday.


Second Helpings

Second Helpings are lay-led activities giving extra ways of being in community. Feed your soul by doing something extra with other Judson folks. Click learn more to offer ideas and participate. 


Growing Older Together

The topics we will be sharing are Necessary Losses (about letting go); Exercising Our Aging Brains; Death with Dignity; Living with Loneliness; and Singing about Aging. People (facilitators) and places (where we will meet on a particular date) are still in process. But we expect to continue building and celebrating together our aging selves.