Spend enough time around Judson and something starts to click about church and justice. We're so accustomed to hearing from loud "Christian" voices steeped in fear and intolerance that it's easy to forget how often Christian communities have stepped out front and fought on the right side of history. Judson has consistently been on the cutting edge of social justice,  responding to needs and issues long before they became mainstream, and our current justice work remains rooted in a continual reexamination of our values.

Whether you seek to gather spiritual strength or material solutions, Judson nurtures a common faith that, together, we'll reach the other side, and bring everyone along with us. We chart a deceptively obvious course for Christian practice, one that demands equality, sustainability, peace, and honest-to-God compassion. Our service never ends and finds its most potent realization in our commitment to justice, which includes LGBTQ, racial, immigrant, reproductive, climate, and many more concerns.