Authentic Expansive Christian Practice

We're for real. No cornering buy-ins. No neon stage show. (Well.... maybe a little pomp and glitter, occasionally.) No easy answers to life's toughest questions. We simply share a sincere passion for ritual and community, imbued with all the sparkling imagination and deeply inclusive values of Greenwich Village. 



"Eclectic" might be overused, but I think you'll find us living up to the term. Sundays are somewhere on the meter from expertly crafted classical pieces, to wailing Prince anthems, to singin about the patriarchal god-lamb-blood. Participation is in key and our Music Director Henco Espag leads the way. 

What to expect

Sermons are snappy at Judson and typically last under a 1/2 hour. Services conclude around 12p.m. and are always followed by coffee hour. This is a great time to meet new people or get information at the welcome table. If you're just passing through or here for the first time, fill out a visitors card to let us know! 


Need help hearing the good word? Assisted listening is available.